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Roopa Iyer, a successful business executive and an artist extraordinaire, relentlessly shares and propagates the knowledge of art and culture, and constantly serves society through worth while charitable causes.

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Cynergy Per4mers

Cynergy Per4mers Inc is a professional sports management company. Our portfolio extends to sports software services, sports event management services and Emerging professional sport marketing services.

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Friday Monkey

Friday MonkeyTM wines are from Australia and are wines for any occasion; be it at home, a casual dinner with friends, or at a BYO restaurant. We give you the finest quality wine that tastes good and lets you have all the pleasure.

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Lygase Consulting, LLC

Lygase Consulting, LLC is a professional services firm that provides management and technical consulting. We focus exclusively on developing data warehouse solutions and supporting architectures. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and predictable results. We hire based on talent, experience, and commitment to quality.

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Carya Consulting

Carya Consulting is a professional services firm providing consulting and IT services in Implementing MySAP CRM and MySAP Suite of Applications to clients globally.

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Attractive stand for us that generated wide publicity. The team was totally committed to our project and we were more than impressed with the customer service.

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