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Offshore outsourcing with Virtual Team Model
Dotline offers a flexible offshore outsourcing model through Dotline's virtual team framework.

In the Virtual Team Model, geographically distributed teams and experts work in tandem from multiple locations worldwide. This facilitates the utilization of expertise available across global locations for the benefit of the project with minimal travel involved. It also facilitates involvement of specialist groups like Architects, Usability Designers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance and such from different locations who can together form a Virtual Team. The Virtual Team Model results in cost optimization by leveraging lower cost locations.

In typical engagements the offshore web development and software development team becomes an extension of the onsite team because both work on the same development environments that are remotely connected through a dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN), put network or educated leased lines, leveraging Dotline's ' in-house infrastructure. Throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) there is Day-to-day interaction between on-site and offshore teams and check-in/out from the client development environment. The VTM also facilitates rapid ramp-up/down of resources as also a truly 24x7 development model.

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